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Like many of you, we are custom ride and wheel fanatics.

Like many of you, we are custom ride and custom wheel fanatics.

We have always believed that the personality of a car or truck lived in the fitment and stance created by a perfect fitting wheel. Whether it's a lifted Silverado or a bagged Tacoma, fitment has always played the biggest role in what makes a truck truly stand out.

Quickly, we learned that there was no one place to find wheel offset information. Through countless hours spent reading forums and spec pages, we had finally come to understand offset measurement and backspacing of wheels. Trouble was, even knowing the numbers doesn't tell anyone how a 20×10 wheel with a -25 ET will look on a 2009 Ford F-150, or what the largest wheel and tire setup you can cram on the front is, without trimming the plastic or metal.

So how do you find the answer to this problem?

Search 10,000 forums and read page after page of discussion threads and by some miracle you just might put the right keywords in and find the ride you drive matched with the stance you want. By the grace of God, you may even be able to get the owner to share the wheel and tire specs so you can figure out which offset to order for your next set of wheels

In just seconds, you can search our gallery and see exactly how your ride can look. No other website allows you to search by vehicle, wheel specs, tire sizes, and suspension setup to compare fitment. The Custom Offsets Gallery gives an extensive photo collection of thousands of rides with all the meaty details of offsets, diameter, width, and tire specs. It has now become the largest and most popular fitment gallery in the world.

Our site is the "for us by us" of custom wheels and custom offsets!

Our Keys to Success

Our Mission

Our Team will live and breathe custom vehicles and wheel fitment, by being passionate leaders in the custom car and truck culture. This will never be a JOB. We will inspire each other, we will live the enthusiasts lifestyle.

Our Vision

Lead the wheel fitment revolution on a bad ass LIFE journey!

Core Values

Be willing to teach.
Be willing to learn.
Appreciate and Celebrate.
Show respect, No secrets.
Be your biggest fan!

The Builder: The Build, Passion, Story
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